mobile-616012_640Technology is the collection of skills, techniques and methods used in the manufacturing of goods or in the accomplishment of an investigation. To begin with invention of wheels helped humans to travel around the globe and be able to control the environment. Physical barriers have broken down with the invention of printing press, telephone and internet thus allowing humans to communicate freely throughout the globe.


  • History

Humans started using tools as early as ten thousand BC. Primitive stone tools were the earliest tools use by humans. The discovery and utilization of fire has never known any period but its usage has been the best discovery ever. Fire along with wood and charcoal helped humans to cook, improve their digestibility and cook different types of food. Clothing and shelter was the key to human progress. Humans constructed temporary huts for shelter .The hides of animals were used for clothing thus helping humans to explore colder places to stay or even to migrate.

The use of metals such as copper, gold, lead and silver was used during eight thousand BC. Thus working on metals came about the use of alloys such as brass and bronze around four thousand BC. By the year one thousand four hundred BC steel was being used.

With the Industrial revolution coming into existence technology became increased with usage of science. Starting in the 18th century Technology discovery was increased in the field of agriculture, metallurgy, mining and transport. The rise in technology   lead to the building of skyscrapers which resulted in people resorting to automobiles for transportation. Communication advanced with the television coming to the forefront of technology. The nineteenth and twentieth century so the era of ships, trains and planes.


  • Good use of Technology

Technology has developed the economy and increased the rise of the leisure class. Various implementations of technology have had an impact on the society and its values. Technology has raised the efficiency in terms of productivity but that has also led to too much human dependence. Technology is the amalgamation of science and engineering. Just as science shows the study of the   flow of electrons in electrical conductors in the same way engineers use this knowledge to create new tools such as semi conductors and computers. Many countries considered   technology as applied science. New knowledge can be obtained through research. Thus good use of technology has provided mankind with utility, usability and safety.


  • Bad use of technology

There are many critics against the usage of technology. It has a detrimental effect on the environment. Also advance technology has made a large number of workers lose their jobs thus indicating that Technology has created more problems than solutions. Robots have replaced man power. At times bad policy has created an imbalance in supply and demand, trade and income.


  • Competition

Technology can bring about competiveness between developed and developing countries thus creating a barrier or an unhealthy feeling. Technology based planning is needed for the smooth functioning between man and machine.